Christoph Renhart
Christoph Renhart | Foto: Ben Viaperalta

Hi, I’m Christoph Renhart –
a composer living in Graz, Austria.
Find my works for orchestra, ensemble, chamber music and solo instruments here or feel free to read my blog.
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April 4, 2021

Marley’s Ghost
Ensemble Zeitfluss • Edo Micic, conductor • Georg Klimbacher, baritone

June 11, 2021
Tage der neuen Klaviermusik Graz

Solo Recital
Works by Christoph Renhart, Katharina Roth and Richard Dünser
Christoph Renhart, piano

July 3, 2021
Graz, Steiermarkhof

l’oued de la Naïade
Lea Burböck, Violine • Jonathan Sauter, Klavier • Maximilian Stix, Violoncello

«Catalogue des Arts et Métiers» is now available from Universal Edition.


The highly acclaimed Graz based Ensemble Zeitfluss under the baton of Edo Mičić recorded a concert programme labeled «IN SPIRITO MAHLER» at Vienna’s Ehrbar hall in March. Music by Gustav Mahler, Dana Cristina Probst, Christian Diendorfer, Alyssa Aska and my new arrangement of Marley’s Ghost for baritone and ensmeble was performed.
Becoming an UE composer
I’m very pleased to announce that henceforth works of mine are being published by Universal Edition. It’s a great honour to have become a part of the word’s best music publishing house’s edition. Please feel free to dive into the UE catalogue.
Radio Interview in Ö1 Zeit-Ton
New pieces for the piano by Richard Düner, Gianluca Iadema and Christoph Renhart have recently been released on CD by the label VMS. Presentator Rainer Elstner spoke with me about the works.
XXI Orakel der Nacht in Graz
Looking ahead optimistically, there is a somewhat good chance of performing the first book of my work “XXI Oracles Of The Night” for piano solo on October 18th in Graz. This concert will feature works of Styrian composers played by themselves.

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