la petite girafe

The little giraffe’s most luminous adventures exclusively unveiled.


  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Everything you always wanted to know about the little giraffe (but were afraid to ask).
  • Pentathlon
    It’s about time to introduce a new figure: Fünffusssaurus. Fünffussaurus was purchased a while ago for ten-something at an online store. Before it was mounted it remained quarantined for some days, just to be sure LPG doesn’t contract the dragon’s flue.
  • La photo: La maladie
    The little giraffe has noticed green stains in its coat. How is that possible?
  • A List Of Yellow Items
    The little giraffe has a closer look at nine (al)most interesting yellow items.
  • The brush
    Brushes and mallets are widely known as the objects which percussionists use in order to play on their instruments. Let’s consider a piano a percussion instrument. What can we do with a brush as pianists?
  • La photo: A Vitascope
    The little giraffe is looking into the lense of a freshly constructed vitascope.
  • la petite girafe travaille a la domicile
    As we’ve finally headed back to working from home I’m getting overtaken by the feeling that this should be a somewhat familiar situation to a composers. Of course it is—and of course it isn’t.
  • Giraffenbuch 2019
    A recollection of the little giraffe’s adventures in 2019. In pictures.
  • The Adventure In The Christmas Tree
    Christmas is almost over. ‘Tis about time to recap what has happened in the past hours. As giraffes are not typically involved in Christmas ceremonies, I though it would turn out to be a somewhat tough task to write about something Christmassy linked to the little giraffe.
  • A Taped Banana
    Time and time again art goes bananas. How about this one: Take a fruit and tape it to the wall. Don‘t forget to sell it for some 100k Euros, before eating it. Great, innit?
  • Looting The Advent Calendar
    The little giraffe is back. After it had been sleeping in its tiny transportation box for a week, I have finally found some time to help it struggling to its feet.
  • En Voyage
    Sometimes composers go on a journey. This does not mean that the little giraffe needs to be left alone at home, though.
  • Drinking Coffee
    One of the first odes to the very hot drink that became well known, dates back to the 1730s. It originally flowed out of J. S. Bach‘s quill, who then wrote a work for choir and orchestra called Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht (Be still, stop chattering), today widely known as Coffee Cantata.
  • A New Recording
    The little giraffe unboxed the big green headphones and is enjoying a first sonic impression of a new piece. Let’s have a look at how an audio recording emerges from the silence of a formerly white paper.
  • Business Cards
    What is higher than a giraffe, yet small enough to fit even into a composer’s wallet? Let’s get down to … business cards.
  • Proofreading the Parts
    Writing a decent piece of music is the one thing. Once a piece of music is written it cannot be considered finished—at all.

la photo

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Giraffenbuch 2019
The little giraffe as observed by Athanasius Kircher
The little giraffe’s manifesto of oddities