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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know about the little giraffe (but were afraid to ask).

Is the little giraffe swashbuckling?

A story with the little giraffe

Only recently, a reader of the little giraffe pointed out that there were no FAQs hereabouts. That’s pretty true, I thought. Thus far. Almost certainly people would have a lot of questions to ask the little giraffe, I thought, but everyone was afraid to ask. Whatever the case may be, here you are ten frequently asked questions about the little giraffe.

What is the little giraffe’s given name?

It doesn’t have any. Disappointed about that fact? Let’s remenber one of the best lines of the iconic TV series Columbo starring Peter Falk as protagonist:

From the police, ma’am. I’m Lieutenant Columbo.
Yes, ma’am, but you can call me Lieutenant.

Hence we see that we don’t always depend on forenames.

How old is the little giraffe?

The little giraffe was put together in October 2019. It is approximately 1.5 years old.

Does the little giraffe miss Africa?

No, not at all. It has never seen the continent. It is true that the natural habitat of every member of the family Giraffidae is situated in Africa, but the little giraffe’s building blocks were fabricated in Asia. However, the assemblage took place in Austria.

What is the little giraffe’s favourite food?

As observed on the photo below, the little giraffe’s favourite dish is the greenery from our pot plants. Its strictly vegan diet could not prevent several bone fractures and split-offs, though.

The little giraffe prefers a vegan diet.
Is the little giraffe a good ski jumper?

Due to the animated film series Athleticus, giraffes are no good ski jumpers. See it for yourself!

Does the little giraffe really love contemporary music so much?

I can’t put my finger on it. Certainly it enjoys a lot of modern music at the place where it’s living. It’s safe to say that whenever a piece of the little giraffe breaks off or gets lost it’s not due to the music it is surrounded by.

Is the little giraffe swashbuckling?

Definitely. Inspite of its tininess and regardless of its rather sheepish look, the little giraffe is very adventurous. Be it climbing up Christmas trees or confronting the hectoring clay boar: The little giraffe turns out as fearless as audacious—and it will never miss the boat when it gets down to breaking one or more than one of its legs.

Who’s the little giraffe’s best friend?

The little giraffe is best friends with a dragon-like five-legged creature called FĂĽnffusssaurus. Read here more about FĂĽnffusssaurus.

What’s the number of parts the little giraffe is made of?

The litte giraffe consists of more than 150 components. Additionally, there are are several spare parts available in the construction set.

Send us your sightings.
Can I make friends with the little giraffe too?

Sure! The little giraffe is delighted to get in touch with its readers. Feel free to send a message to — we’re collecting items, places and oddities that feature giraffes. Take a picture of your object/place/whatever you’ve seen and send it to us.