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Échos éloquents to be performed in Seoul

ensemble blank plays «Échos éloquents» on April 29 in a concert at the Seoul Arts Center

ensemble blank’s concert programme on April 29, 2023 | Seoul Arts Center

The South Korean ensemble blank conducted by Jaehyuck Choi stages «Échos éloquents» on April 29 at Seoul Arts Center

Winning the ensemble blank’s international Call for Scores 2022, my work for seven players will be performed in a concert in the South Korean capital Seoul on April 29, 2023. The concert will take place at the Seoul Arts Center (IBK Chamber Hall) and will feature works by Rebecca Saunders, Anton Webern, Tristan Murail, Ungjin Lee, Christophe Bertrand and J. S. Bach alongside my composition.

About the work

Échos éloquents was written in 2016 and premiered in the same year by the Schallfeld Ensemble in Graz. In 2019 I wrote a second version for the Belgian Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles in the course of the ‘tactus Young Composers’ Forum. The piece lasts approximately 11 minutes and has two large parts that are linked together by a cadenza. The first part is much shorter than the second part—a basic concept of the piece was to find an interesting solution that could address this problem in the form (a cadenza and a climax coming early in a composition).

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