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«XXI Orakel der Nacht – Zweites Heft» released on new album «Ins Offene, für Gerd Kühr» by col legno

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Recording of «XXI Orakel der Nacht – Zweites Heft» available on CD

On May 12 a new CD dedicated to Gerd Kühr, professor emeritus in composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz will be released by the Austrian label col legno. Alongside piano pieces by Gerd Kühr we have recorded several other works for the piano by composers who have lived or worked in Graz. The album outlines a synopsis of the manifold compositional works by composers who are for the most part fellows of the University of Music in Graz, too.

On the new disc, my own recording of «XXI Orakel der Nacht – Zweites Heft» will be released as well. The other pieces were played by Chiemi Tanaka, Krzysztof Dziurbiel, Anton Bashynskyi, Milica Zakic and Stipe Bilic. The recording was made in Oberschützen last October and funded by the City of Graz, the Gesellschaft der Freunde der Kunstuniversität Graz and SKE.