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Concert and lecture in Leipzig

On December 7, 2021 I will give a lecture and visit a concert as a guest composer in Leipzig.

On December 7, 2021 I will have the pleasure of following an invitation by the composer Bernd Franke to give a lecture at the University of Leipzig in the course of which I will present several compositions of mine. An introduction to my compositional language, my aesthetical strategies and thoughts about the shades of harmonical clarity in my works will be at the centre of the lecture. After it a lecture concert will take place at the Grieg Meeting Place (Grieg Begegnungsstätte Leipzig). In this concert, the Scottish pianist Gregor Forbes will perform the second book of XXI Orakel der Nacht and the cellist Hugo Paiva will play Jeux de lumière. I’m very much looking forward to enjoying this event and working together with the two outstanding musicians as well as talking about my music and discussing with the students in Leipzig.

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