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îles englouties premiered

The Slovenian pianist Urban Stanič will premiere my work «îles englouties« on November 5, 2021 in Vienna.

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Finally, more than four years after the piece was written, îles englouties for piano solo will be premiered by Urban Stanič. The Slovenian pianist is one of the most extraordinary young pianists that I have met and I am deeply grateful that he has decided to include my piece in his concert in Vienna on November 5, 2021 alongside two sonatas by Haydn, a work by the Slovenian composer Tilen Slakan and Liszt’s monumental sonata in b minor.

In îles englouties I have attempted to merge Debussy’s famous prelude La cathedrale engloutie, Albeniz’ El Corpus Christi en Sevilla and my piano concerto Las Islas Aguadas into one somewhat impressionist poem for the piano. The piece consists of two parts—its references remain muzzy in the beginning and eventually become clearer. In the last section, all the bells of the sunken cathedral herald triumphantly the church parade in Sevilla. My music is an homage to the two pieces that I have admired ever since and that have become particularly important for me over the past years.

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