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En Voyage


En Voyage —
A story with the little giraffe

Sometimes composers go on a journey. This does not mean that the little giraffe needs to be left alone at home, though.

I have not been counting, how many times one of its four fragile legs fell off the little giraffe. Let’s be honest: It’s not the most resistant animal evolution came up with. However, when it gets down to travelling, this brittleness proves to be somewhat useful. Due to it, the little giraffe fits into a tiny paper box which fits into the camera bag in turn. It has neither building blocks of metal incorporated, nor a rechargeable battery, thus it easily passed all security checks at the airport. We do not know how many extra emissions of carbon dioxide it has caused—we might take that thought into consideration one other time.

On our way to the [‘tactus] Young Composers’ Forum in Brussels which starts this Monday, we stopped at the Munich airport, where the little giraffe watched a parking plane.


Other than that, this place presented itself quite expensive. Don’t get too hungry there. It’s not the place where you’d fancy more than one cappuccino just to kill time too. Try reading a book instead. They have installed seats obviously designed to relax in a rather non-sitting way. Using it cannot be described as lying either. It’s like hanging around in one of those chairs they used to have in spas. Perhaps someone thought that passengers should be compensated somehow for being packed like sardines in a tin in the fuselage of an aeroplane. Not everyone feels as indifferent about that as the little giraffe, I’m convinced.


Brussels gave us a warm welcome in the evening and all the scores have arrived safely in the suitcase. I have already unboxed the little giraffe in order to have its first photo shooting in Belgium. The Belgian Solutions are absolutely hilarious, by the way and culinary investigations into Belgian beer are to be conducted in the coming days of course. But first and foremost I’m looking forward to the composers’ forum in Brussels and Mons and to rehearsing my works A Manifesto Mill with the Brussels Philharmonic and Échos éloquents with the ensemble Musiques Nouvells respectively. Drop by in the next days again as the little giraffe will stay curious and continue to have a thirst for adventure.

Miscellaneous News

[‘tactus] Young Composers’ Forum

Einladung zum [‘tactus] Young Composers’ Forum 2019

Eine internationale Jury wählte aus 94 Einsendungen vier Komponisten für eine Zusammenarbeit mit dem Brussels Philharmonic von 25. bis 27. November und weitere fünf Teilnehmer für das Composers’ Forum im belgischen Mons von 28. bis 30. November mit dem Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles.

Meine beide erfolgreichen Einreichungen werden im November in Brüssel und Mons zu hören sein. Das Forum findet alle zwei Jahre statt und ermöglicht KomponistInnen und HörerInnen den Reading Sessions bei freiem Eintritt beizuwohnen.

[‘tactus] Young Composers’ Forum

Orchestra Work

A Manifesto Mill

A Manifesto Mill
for symphonic orchestra (2019)

A Manifesto Mill is the orchestrated and extended version of my work Catalogue des Arts et Métiers which was awarded the title recommended work at the 66th International Rostrum of Composers in 2019. The version for orchestra was written in summer 2019 within the framework of [‘tactus] Young Composers Forum and recorded by the Brussels Philharmonic at the Flagey studios in Brussels in November 2019.

About the work: One of Paris’s most exciting places is sited in the Rue Réaumur 60. The Musée des Arts et Métiers is not only a harbourage to many technical exhibits and industrial products—it is also the stage in Eco’s grand novel Il pendolo di Foucault. A venue full of stories and a panopticon of ideas that once became manifest.

My work revisits the yellowed tales that might be borne in all those objects, cars, tins, rack-wheels, periscopes and displays them in a ‘sonic catalogue’. In three parts that are each named after a raw material, we hear about the colourful world of metals—bunte Welt der Metalle, about the sound of silk—Klang nach Seide and about the imperial grace of marble. Meanwhile, hammering rhythms are advancing—naturalistically contouring monotonic manufacturing processes. Yet, they seem to keep an ironising distance to the delicate and occasionally Mannerist passages at the same moment. Both idylls are delusions and turn out to be idealised illustrations. One could easily get bedazzled by the goldsmithery cast in the sounds of the celesta and sucked into the swirls of the marching tuttis. On that note everything is bound to end in smoke. An ignis fatuus evaporating.


anvil, bass drum, bell plates, glockenspiel, gongs, large, suspended cymbal, large tam-tam, snare drum, tubular bells, vibraphone, wood blocks, xylophone

11 minutes


November 25, 2019 (recorded) • Brussels, Flagey • Brussels Philharmonic • Brad Lubman, conductor •