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Lecture at the J. J. Fux-Conservatory in Graz

Lecture «Utopien ins Trockene bringen» • May 4 • J. J. Fux-Konservatorium, Graz

In my lecture I will talk about my work «XXI Orakel der Nacht» amongst other things.

Lecture «Utopien ins Trockene bringen»
at the Styrian State Conservatory

On Wednesday, May 4 I will have the pleasure of holding a lecture at the Johann Joseph Fux-Conservatory in Graz about my works and how to realise them in concert. I will be talking about the process of composing «XXI Orakel der Nacht» as well as discussing several aspects of how to perform these pieces and what might be the obstacles when aiming at scheduling such pieces in concert.

Furthermore I was asked to talk about how to present one’s works in the internet and to deliver insights into my work as a curator of a concert series for contemporary music.

In the past years, more than once a piece of mine has been considered unplayable or it proved itself very difficult to stage in concert. Most of of my works have been premiered successfully and some of these pieces have been played even several times in the meantime. In my presentation I will try to communicate strategies of how to deal with such works that might be considered difficult or even not playable at the first glance. Perhaps it could motivate young composers to pursue their artistic path even if it turns out to be a very complicated one. This is why I called my lecture «Bringing Utopiae over the finishing line».

Utopien ins Trockene bringen
Wednesday, May 4
6:40 PM, J. J. Fux-Conservatory Graz, Neuer Saal